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Mon Ahvee is a weekly blog with new posts dropping every Monday that touch on many of life’s topics, from my personal perspective of course. I’m not monetizing the site so I’m able to share life stories and lessons learned along with some of my extremely random thoughts, unfiltered by what I supposedly “should or shouldn’t say”. If you like the content, please share with a friend. Hope you enjoy!

First quarter down, and I figured it has been a while since I was on my soapbox, why not jump on it again for April. In May I’ll dive into a few life lessons and June I’ll explore the poem If by Rudyard Kipling…Doug style at least and the lessons I’ve gained from it. I don’t know about you, but I’m actually surprised I’m still writing and people are still reading. I truly appreciate your attention and regardless of your specific “why”, thank you for reading.

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I thought if Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, then Trans people are from Pluto.

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The term “high value” gets thrown around a lot and I am certain that it doesn’t apply to everyone that believes they are high value. Again, this isn’t because I think these men or women are worthless, rather because the term “value” is so subjective.

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Hey, I’m Doug! I’m a business owner from the West Side of Chicago, a son, brother, father, husband, great friend, rapper, poet, writer, Stoic, regular guy and many things to the various people that know me. Despite all of the things I’m known for with family and friends, I mostly find joy in helping others by way of thoughtful conversation and well timed sarcasm.

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