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Mon Ahvee is a weekly blog with new posts dropping every Monday that touch on many of life’s topics, from my personal perspective of course. I’m not monetizing the site so I’m able to share life stories and lessons learned along with some of my extremely random thoughts, unfiltered by what I supposedly “should or shouldn’t say”. If you like the content, please share with a friend. Hope you enjoy!

The third quarter of the calendar year is always the busiest for me, but I’ll try to keep the good times rolling. July I will be tackling how I was feeling at the time of writing each post, August I’ll focus on some things we’ve been conditioned to believe and September is going to be a wild card month. I truly appreciate your attention and regardless of your specific “why”, thank you for reading.

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No Harm Intended

In a few other scenarios I’ve been the only Black person and my results didn’t vary much at all. Instead of Nelly, I’d also get Eminem or awkward small talk. In all of these situations I knew the other guy was far more uncomfortable with trying to make me comfortable, than it being the other…

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Bring Me Down

The colonized countries across the globe are the hater kids of the same parent countries…and the commonality is their effort to subjugate people based on nationality and melanin content.

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Hey, I’m Doug! I’m a business owner from the West Side of Chicago, a son, brother, father, husband, great friend, rapper, poet, writer, Stoic, regular guy and many things to the various people that know me. Despite all of the things I’m known for with family and friends, I mostly find joy in helping others by way of thoughtful conversation and well timed sarcasm.

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