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Mon Ahvee is a weekly blog with new posts every Monday that touch on many of life’s topics, from my personal perspective. I share life stories and lessons learned along with some of the things I’m vibing to, to get by. If you like the content, please share with a friend. Hope you enjoy!

For October I’ll be diving into a few common sayings…from my perspective. Then in November I will be giving a critique of the state of affairs which will likely feel like a rant, but it’s not intended to be I promise. December will be a surprise in line with the season of giving I guess. As always, this is just one perspective in the broad landscape of good and bad thinkers.

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Much like Joe Biden, I made bold claims about what constituted Blackness, and if someone strayed from my limited scope, they weren’t Black…at least socially.

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Kids are now seeking to be social media influencers when they get older because there is more money to be made from getting people to believe bullshit than there is in providing real value to the world.

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Hey, I’m Doug! I’m a business owner from the West Side of Chicago, a son, brother, father, husband, great friend, rapper, poet, writer, Stoic, regular guy and many things to the various people that know me. Despite all of the things I’m known for with family and friends, I mostly find joy in helping others by way of thoughtful conversation and well timed sarcasm.

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