Disclaimer: I wrote this post while celebrating 420 day…I was initially going to edit this but decided to leave it as is. You’ve been warned.

April 20, 2023 I was in my hotel room just thinking of random moments in my life. At that time I was thinking about my brother’s 40th birthday. My business partner and I took him out to a comedy show in DC to see Hannibal Burress. My brother went with the pregame boost of some kind of whiskey before we left the house. We laughed a lot on our way to the venue and even more inside. The moment I was thinking about specifically was when we were on our way to the restroom and my brother decided to slide down the banister as if we were younger and not in public. Much to my surprise, he got a lot of speed going on the way down and flew off the banister at the bottom and ended up rolling on the floor. As soon as that thought gave me a chuckle, my phone rang…it was my brother. 

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People that have normal siblings wouldn’t think much of that last sentence, there’s nothing too shocking about talking to ones’ siblings. However, my brother is the antithesis of normal. I call him the anti-social ninja because he is anti-social, but he often pops up out of nowhere, unexpectedly, much like this particular day. I picked up the phone and said “man, I was literally just thinking about you” and he breezed past that and asked if I was familiar with ChatGPT. That’s just how he is. We ended up having a really good conversation and when we were done catching up, awkwardly got off the phone as usual. 

You can relate

That happens to many of us, where we are thinking of a person or song or something and that person or song or something calls, comes on, or appears without you prompting it in any way. Somehow, and I kinda know what inspired it, but somehow that made me think of existence and how misunderstood I think life is. I already know what some people may be thinking right now “did this guy tap into some THC” and I will humbly plead the 5th just come along for the ride. I won’t go down the rabbit hole of energy just yet, I’m going to go weirder than that.

You ever think about this?

The brain has no eyes to see, nose to smell, ears to hear, tongue to taste or sensory receptors to feel anything. However, the brain takes the information from all of those bodily items and translates it in a way that makes those things useful. The brain keeps everything working in concert and it does all of this without us having to actively tell it to. Where the brain gets weird is when we fall asleep and experience dreams. We are still able to hear voices, see people, and experience our dreams while all of these senses are practically in airplane mode or turned off completely. Our brain is able to create vivid landscapes and scenarios that either do make sense, or are so far from sensible we have to wake up to avoid it. The brain creates, whether we want it to or not, it also keeps tabs on every part of your body whether you want it to or not. Of course, all of this stuff is happening within us, but what about when it’s not?

Don’t leave yet…

Back in the 50’s some researchers were studying monkeys and their behavior patterns. This weird phenomena was discovered which they lazily called the hundredth monkey effect. Basically, these monkeys in one area began washing sweet potatoes to get the dirt off of them. Behavior that was not at all common to them. I guess eating dirty sweet potatoes ain’t so bad when you are also known to shit on command and throw it for amusement. Ultimately, all of the monkeys in their group began doing the same thing. That’s not too crazy, we’ve all heard “monkey see, monkey do” except that the monkeys on neighboring islands that were not able to see began doing the same thing. A sort of shared consciousness if you will. This brings me back to my brother randomly calling me. Sometimes, not often enough, but sometimes the positive energy we put out manifests in a tangible way. I wasn’t hoping he’d call or even thinking of him calling, simply thinking of him. My niece and I did the same thing without either of us knowing. We were both telling people about a weekend where she and her brother stayed with us, and she broke her elbow. I was talking about the elbow, but I took them to some fancy stores which was the part of the story she was telling. I was telling my story from Las Vegas, she was telling hers in Virginia. That’s dope!

You can get real wacky on edibles

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Still zoning!

The interesting part of all this (to me at least) is that my brother randomly calling me and my niece randomly talking about this event, happened in the same week. These events blended with this really cool chocolate treat I had, made me think we as a civilization should be more in tune with each other. Instead, we are like 2 big toes…very close proximity, same or shared predicament, but very far apart when it comes to our connectedness with each other. This only makes sense if you think of the nerves and signals that lead from the toes to the brain…not the distance from the big toes to each other. The brain is calling the shots of course, so well that these two toes and the feet associated with them don’t speak directly to each other at all. However, the brain is speaking to both at the same language to them when we stand, walk, run, jump and all of that.

When did we as humans begin to ignore this essence that actually unites us? We’re all part of the same existence, and like the cells in a body, we all serve our specific function. The shared existence is what we seem to lack the ability to tap into consistently. I guess we get lucky every now and then, and that is probably better for entertainment, but it would be really cool if everyone worked for the betterment of our society instead of whatever it is we’re doing now. I don’t know about you but I’m about to lay down and let this chocolate wear off…stay groovy!

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