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Years ago I was in a military staff meeting in which the lady presenting seemed oblivious of time. It was going way longer than I thought was necessary. While sitting there I began to think about the things I’d rather be doing, then I began creating this storyline for what my life would be like if I were doing some of those things. I was really deep into this thought when I was called on for something. I only heard the last few words of her question, so I pieced together a generic response that was equivalent to saying nothing, but my friend backed me up and made my gibberish make sense. After that meeting, she pulled my supervisor and friend to the side to get him to counsel me, my friend just listened in and told me what was discussed. Her comment to them was “he was out to lunch, like totally spaced out, maybe he has something going on in his life, find out what’s wrong with him”. To her disappointment and my blackballing, I told them nothing was wrong, the topics being discussed just weren’t important enough to keep me engaged. I have since scaled my brutal honesty back a bit.

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What’s Your Sign?

I don’t believe horoscopes at all, and I barely pay attention to the attributes of various zodiac signs, but I’d say mine is accurate to me most times. I am a Pisces so daydreaming, and creativity are like food and water for us according to what “they” say.  Considering this was neither the first nor the last time I was accused of being in my own little zone, I’d say minus the hypersensitive aspects assigned to Pisces’, most of it is spot on. I am creative, seeing as I write a thought or feeling almost daily in the form of this blog or music. I would say I’m relatively empathetic, compassionate for sure, not a clairvoyant in any way, I just have good sense for cause and effect. The most accurate description is that I daydream a lot. Though far less than I did years ago, still considerably more than the typical adult. 

I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering.

Steven Wright

Not What You Thought

You may be expecting me to share some of these daydreams, but that would be like me just walking naked through your living room. Though that idea may appeal to some, I’d find it a bit awkward strolling around with my bits and pieces out while strangers just watch me. So, instead of my bits and pieces, the focus is actually going to be on yours. In your own home of course, without me gazing at them. 

It wasn’t until recently that I learned daydreams are positive things. My mind wanders all over the place depending on what is going and I’m able to play out strategies in my mind whether for good or bad circumstances. This was especially useful when I played chess, still useful with business, but that’s not the point. Apparently, there are also health benefits to daydreaming in the form of stress and anxiety relief. Daydreaming can help you solve problems, reach goals, tap into that creative side without adding THC. Adding a bit is cool too though. In predictable fashion, wherever there is a perceived benefit, there is a coach willing to take some of your money to get you there. And there is also someone that will say it’s a waste of time. 

Competing Ideas

Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions

Albert Einstein
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Vision without execution is daydreaming

Bill gates

There are those that see daydreaming as a waste of time, and honestly, I think if you are consistently consumed by daydreams with little regard for what is going on, those people are partially correct. I believe daydreams are healthy when they lead to something, be that stress relief or an executed plan. If you sit around contemplating what you’d do if (insert positive thing) were to happen, without putting yourself in a position for it to happen, then you’ve wasted a bit of time for sure. If you truly want to see that positive thing, you have to add action to the dreaming. Even with that wasted time, you probably felt good doing it, so maybe it is all good after all.

Oversimplification Time

I oversimplify most things, probably because I’m daydreaming the angles out, but it seems easy to daydream for me. As in, too easy to somehow require a coach to assist you in doing it. Yes, there really are coaches for almost everything, because it’s not that hard to convince someone who is insecure in life that they need a coach, for a nominal fee of course. That said, if you have an issue with day dreaming, I’ll give you my Pisces guide to zoning out. Think of something you want, had, or want again. Don’t share with the group either, let’s not get ourselves in trouble. Take a few moments to imagine one or two things that you would do with whatever it is you came up with. Mission accomplished. If that’s too difficult, play lottery one time…the daydreams will come naturally unless you already have Elon Musk type money, in which case, don’t play the lottery and mess up my potential winnings :-). 

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  1. I tend to daydream most often on days that I’ve carved out time to just be. Considering you wrote (or posted) this blog on my birthday, it was definitely a daydream kind of day. I definitely think it’s good for my soul and helped to restore my sense of peace that sometimes go astray with all the crazy.

    Also, I’ve caught my pisces daughter in a few daydreaming spells. It’s been funny to see her shake herself out of whatever far off thoughts she was thinking. I appreciate this food for thought.

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